Friday, June 24, 2011

My Friday Night

I think we all know I had zero to do with the mass accomplishment of uploading a video onto my blog. We have Amanda McFarland to thank for that. She can often be seen hacking my Twitter and Facebook pages. She is a rebel and a leader. Much like these animal people below, she is a wildabeast. Hope you enjoy. She asked me to put on a play including the animal crackers she bought and far be it from me to deny a lady a request.


  1. You think putting on an animal cracker play is a bad Friday night? How bout my Friday night? I watched an animal cracker play. I'm not even putting on an animal cracker play! I'm watching one!

  2. i'm supposed to be showering but this was a lot more exciting; the accents were amazing... especially the bizarre southern, lischsping, elephant!

  3. This is the best piece of entertainment I've seen in while.